Patient Testimonials

Gayle, Bristol (36)-Eczema

I went to see Paul for help with my eczema which I have suffered with all my life. I have it under my chin, across my forehead and on my neck. If I worry or get uptight about things then the eczema is worse. It’s itchy with stinging pains and seeps clear fluid. I have also had asthma since age 11 and still use inhalers to manage my breathing. Read more

Gayle, Bristol - Son (11)-Hay Fever

I first visited Paul Black in 2012 with my son Max. He has suffered seasonally with hay fever since age 2. It starts in spring through to autumn every year. It particularly affects his eyes which are itchy and run. He is sensitive to bright light. Read more

Wendy, Axbridge (68)-Bowen Treatment

When I first saw Paul I was suffering with severe burning pain in my left hip. I had fallen heavily from the attic door a year ago. Going up and down stairs or steps was very painful, and I would often have to lead with my right leg as the left leg was too painful to take my weight. Read more

Julian, Portishead (45)-Bowen Treatment

I went to see Paul for help with a number of physical aches and pains; the outside of my left knee aches after running and particularly hurts going up and down stairs; my left shoulder becomes incredibly tense and restricted in movement, accompanied by severe knotting of my muscles across the upper back and neck; my right hip often feels stuck when walking and can result in plantar pain afterwards. Read more

Kirsty, Bristol – Daughter (6)-Molluscum Contagiosum

I visited Paul Black several months ago with my daughter who was suffering with an outbreak of molluscum contagiosum. My GP had already advised that there was nothing that could be done except possibly bursting them after a warm bath and removing the contagious core. Read more

Anita, Bristol (43)-Chest Infections

I first visited Paul Black for help with recurrent chest infections. I had been an asthma sufferer for over twenty years and had to regularly use both a preventative and a relieving inhaler. Whenever I get a cold it settles on my chest and takes many weeks to shift it. Read more

Denise, Portishead (54)-Acne\Rosecea

I have suffered with Acne\Rosecea since my mid 20’s. My face would become red and blotchy around my chin, nose and cheeks. It felt hot and prickly; very irritated and uncomfortable. Nothing I tried had helped and make-up of all brands just made it worse. Read more

Anita, Bristol-My children (3, 5 & 7 years old)

I recently visited Paul Black to treat my 3 year old son with bronchial problems. The difference has been amazing. Consequently Paul has treated my other 3 children successfully. Read more

Frances, Portishead (61)-Migraines

I had been suffering with painful migraines which restarted 5 years ago. They originally started in my thirties, but I was never sick with those as I am now. I believe they are caused by stress and I seem to get stressed so easily.
Read more

Maria, Bristol (41)-Period Issues

For the last 10 months since the birth of my daughter I have been suffering with very heavy periods and very painful headaches. My periods can last for up to 8 days and for the first 2 – 3 days I have to change the towel every hour. I was over whelmed with tiredness most of the time, which was not helped by my over-active thyroid. Read more

Suzi, Portishead (43)-Digestive Problems

When I went to see Paul for homeopathic treatment I had chronic digestive problems including chronic constipation, cramps in my abdomen and painful trapped wind in my chest and pelvic area. The wind was very embarrassing at times in social situations. Read more

Steve, Portishead (47)-Chronic Headaches

I first went to see Paul for homeopathic treatment in January 2008. Since January 2007 following a bout of Flu, or possibly viral meningitis, I had been suffering severe chronic headaches that were emanating from a dull ache in my mid-neck area. I also had tightness around my right eye and temple. The headaches were overwhelming and the only relieve was from lying in a darkened room for several hours until they subsided. Read more

Glynis, Portishead (39)-Blocked Sinuses

I went to see Paul because I had been suffering with a constantly blocked nose and sinuses for over 20 years. It was worse in the mornings. Catarrh would collect in my throat and I would have to cough it up. Read more

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